Thursday, December 6, 2007

ManaBadi - Teaching Telugu for Children .... why?

ManaBadi is SiliconAndhras Dream, now a successful story, with lot of dedicated and passionate teachers - ManaBadi is a program in Bay Area which has Telugu Curriculum programmes for kids, actually for all those who cannot read, write Telugu language.
We are teaching Telugu Language classes to our kids, this is a 4 year,very organized curriculum taught by committed passionate volunteers from Telugu community, certified by Telugu University.

What am i doing there? i am a volunteer teacher myself at Fremont, California, i also help out the admin team, curriculum team and website development team for ManaBadi in whatever way i can.

i say to myself why? bcoz i am mother myself, after couple of years passed and if i look back and say to myself why Ramya(my little one) is not speaking, writing in telugu, the question might come back to me ... what have u done? the question is is not what is required ...u have to give more than that

i say to myself why? i feel the personal satisfaction being part of such a good team.

i analyzed the problem, it is not kids, it is not with parents not teaching telugu at home but bcoz we do not have the environment for kids where they are motivated to speak themselves with a liking for the language.

The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires.
~William Arthur Ward

who is going to motivate them? who takes it as a responsibility?

I think everyone whether they are a parent or not, take responsibility of giving language to kids in what ever way they can..

There is a english saying, 'IT TAKES THE WHOLE VILLAGETO RAISE A CHILD'.

With my busy schedule, i always say to myself this is important stuff and i need to give more time for kids ...

Here are my postings for My class ManaBadi Fremont South J3

If you are in bay area, like to help out manaBadi in any form contact me...
- Madhuri Chopurala

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Anonymous said...

I am from Pittsburgh, PA. Who can we contact to start something like this in our area?